The APELS team can help you to:

  • Develop teacher capacity and cultural literacy to work with international, migrant and Indigenous learners
  • Make your classroom more interactive, with more natural, authentic English use
  • Develop resources, tasks, books and publications
  • Identify the learning needs of your organisation: including students and teachers
  • Customise professional learning short programs and courses designed for schools, higher education faculties, NGOs and government departments
  • Create strategic plans and needs analysis for the education sector
  • Research and evaluate the effectiveness of professional learning projects.

Australian Postgraduate English Language Services (APELS) comprise a group of multidisciplinary professional educators who provide innovative professional learning opportunities for a wide range of TESOL practitioners. We also provide consulting and research services to support strategic and policy initiatives and socially inclusive education programs at the local, regional and international levels.

Since 2006, the APELS team has built a track record of successful collaboration on a diverse range of professional development courses, research programs and jointly published academic papers, refereed books and textbooks.

You can put all this to work for YOU.